Powershell is fast becoming the non plus ultra in the world of microsoft server maintenance. In this blog I will share some of the best scripts and tricks I have come across while building server farms from scratch.

If you want to stand any chance with Windows Server 2016 Core and Nano, then I suggest you become familiar with Powershell really fast! And best of all, if you check in your scripts into source control, such as TFS, then you can easily update, reuse and if need be revert your scripts.

Powershell foreach

The powershell foreach loop must be one of the most powerful tools in any scripting toolkit. It allows you to easily repeat a list of actions multiple times. below is a classic example that highlights the power of the foreach loop: $servers = “Srv101″,”Srv102″,”Srv103” foreach ($server in $servers) { invoke-command -ComputerName $server -ScriptBlock { Install-WindowsFeature …

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Config Values for Powershell Scripts

In this post I will share my favourite config approach to Powershell scripts O ften you’ll find yourself writing one set of scripts that will be used for several machines or environments. Most of the commands will be the same for each server, just a few changes needed. If you’ve used a scripted installation tool for …

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Managing Bitlocker using Powershell

If you ever built an Application with sensitive data hosted in your DMZ you might have considered encrypting the data drive. Chances also are you’re using a virtual machine to host your application.

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